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12V Charger Maintenance Notice

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1, Plug the battery box when charging, then plug the socket. When the charge is over, unplug the socket and plug the battery box.

2, 12V charger is strictly prohibited in direct sunlight, heat source or thermal radiation environment under the use.

3, the charger work, the shell is strictly forbidden to cover, otherwise burn the charger, to ensure that the charger ventilation good environment work.

4, 12V charger should not be around the waste paper, cloth, plastic bags and other flammable items, lest the charger fan inhalation, or cover on the charger and risk.

5, the charger should avoid carrying with the vehicle. (Users who need to be charged with the car should be packed with soft materials to reduce the vibration and shock when used.)

6, 12V charger may not be used in humid environment or storage, because of the damp charger power will have a shock hazard!

7, the charger has high pressure, do not open the shell without authorization! Avoid being used in public places and places where children are easy to reach.

8, if the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, the manufacturer or professional must be replaced.

9, 12V charger outside the power cord do not twine, especially in winter, long, easy to break, line damage in time to replace to avoid electric shock. Fault line damage is more common.

10, dusting is also important. Every summer before the inside of the charger must be removed from the dust, so as not to affect the heat.

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