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Charging your smart devices via USB C and USB PD

- Dec 04, 2017 -

USB has become primary charging capacity  for most device supplier.  Because new USB technical achieves audio/video, data and quick charging. It is real single source performance, charge and convenience.

For the certified USB charger, or the product with USB C and USB PD USB charging port.  USB PD  make the manufacture can supply 100W power. That means the customer device charge quickly, and can support the devices big than mobile or camera, such as printer, ipad, laptop, working station, even the display.

USB C PD power.jpg

Charging with USB C and charging PD with USB

The customer, who update their computer, buy new device, or change the charger, is excited to learn the certified USB charger and devices with USB port USB C and USB PD. The product and the USB technical main feature is charging many different devices more quickly.

Everplus develop the USB C PD power, and make your life easier, and quicker.

USB C PD.jpg

USB C and USB PD.jpg

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