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Do you know the differences between the Bluetooth speaker and WiFi Bluetooth speaker?

- Nov 28, 2017 -

WiFi compares Bluetooth.jpg

Transmission distance:  for Bluetooth speaker, only 10m. But for WiFi Bluetooth speaker, 50m, and it can pass through the wall.

Transmission speed for the Bluetooth speaker, less than 2Mbps while WiFi Bluetooth speaker is 150Mbps. For the audio high fidelity, WiFi Bluetooth speaker advantage is more obvious.

Transmission Quality: WiFi Bluetooth speaker is more stable than Bluetooth speaker.

WiFi smart speaker.jpg

Networking capabilities: Bluetooth speaker can not connect the internet directly, and need networking device such as computer or mobile with Bluetooth. But the WiFi speaker can networking with the router directly.

Device matching:  when the Bluetooth speaker is connected with the Bluetooth speaker, it needs Search, Pair, and then Connect. But only WiFi hotspot is needed for the WiFi speaker, it is more convenient for the WiFi speaker.

Intelligent loudspeaker box.jpg

Content selection: Bluetooth speaker can not do the Online music library and broadcast, but the WiFi speaker can do it.

So we can say the WiFi speaker is not only with superior performance, but also more in line with technology trends trend!

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