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How is fast charging defined?

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Fast charging is one of the abbreviations that people often call a fast charger, understand the meaning of fast charge, and no one wants to be so simple, fast charge is relative to some cell phone battery capacity, this also takes into account a lot of factors, a cell phone battery itself, different mobile phones, different brands, Cell phone inside the battery capacity is not the same, although all are 5V output voltage, can also be recharged, if the incorrect choice of output current, will not match and better fast charge, of course, some people want to let mobile phone charging a little faster, Then choose 2.1A or 3 A or more of the output current charger, in fact, they do not know, so blind choice of mobile phone charger is actually the indirect damage cell phone battery, the general mobile phone current in about 1A can be used, is also the best choice.

Others bought the right charger, but bought a bad data line, the result of charging speed is slow, and the mobile phone is also hot, that is not the charger, and other chargers, but never thought, the data line in fact, the charge of the mobile phone charge of the speed has a greater impact.

So there are many aspects of the definition of fast charger for mobile phone chargers, but the most important thing is to understand some of the actual meaning of charger charging is more important.

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