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How to let the phone charger calm down?

- Oct 13, 2017 -

How to let the phone charger "calm down"?

1. Let the charger blow the air conditioner

If the phone charger is overheating, it's best to recharge it in a cool environment, such as an air-conditioned room. So the phone charger will not be too hot, but we can do not conveniently put it in the blowing tuyere! To charge the cell phone should be away from the heat source, otherwise the heat of the charger around the temperature will naturally high.

2. Do not play mobile phone when charging

Mobile phone charging if also play mobile phone, will inevitably lead to the mobile phone charger overheating, because the charger is more than normal work for a period of time, this is not good for the charger, but also will reduce the life of the charger.

3. Reduce the number of charges

Mobile phone charge many times a day, will cause the charger overheating, so we should control the number of charges, generally one or two days to recharge, can help extend the life of the charger.

4. Do not overcharge

General mobile phone charge original charger 3 hours or so can be full of electricity, filled with not to continue charging, or will lead to the charger overload operation, become overheated, remember to unplug the charger in time.

5. Don't wait until the phone is completely out of battery.

Many friends like to wait until the phone system automatically prompts the electricity is too low, let the heart unwilling to go for their own mobile phone charge, in fact, this very damage cell phone battery, easy to cause irreversible damage. The low power of the cell phone is bound to cause the charge time is too long, also can let the handset charger long time heat. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop good usage habits.

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