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Introduction of the use of lithium battery charger

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The lithium battery charger is a charger specifically designed to charge lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion battery to the charger requirements are higher, the need to protect the circuit, so lithium battery charger usually have a high degree of control precision, lithium-ion battery can be constant current constant voltage charge.

Lithium battery charger has the function of overpressure protection and temperature protection, lithium battery charger external current-limiting type of charging power supply and p ditch effect tube, can be used for a single lithium battery safe and effective fast charge, the biggest feature is that in the case of no inductance can still do very low power dissipation, using 8-foot Μmax package. Charging control accuracy of up to 0.75%, can achieve pre charging, the longest charge time limit for lithium battery to provide two protection, lithium battery charger's floating mode can make the battery capacity to the maximum.

Lithium battery charger can automatically detect the power supply, no power when the automatic turn-off to reduce the leakage of the battery. After starting the quick charge, open the external P-type field effect tube, when the battery voltage reaches the set gate time to enter the pulse charging mode, the P ditch effect tube will be opened more and more short, the charge end, the LED will be 12% cycle flashing. When the charging power supply and the battery are within the normal operating temperature range, the insert battery will start the charging process; The charging end condition is that the average pulse charge current reaches 1% of the fast charging stream, or the time exceeds the preset charging time on the chip.

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