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Lithium Battery Charging method

- Oct 13, 2017 -

A. How to recharge a new battery

For the new battery charging method, the first three times the most popular to charge more than 12 hours to activate the battery; but that's wrong.

Reason one: This kind of saying is from NI battery to carry down but the charge and discharge characteristic of lithium battery and NI battery has very big difference, for lithium battery, overcharge and overcharge will bring serious harm to the battery, so it is best to charge according to the standard Time and standard method, remember not to charge beyond 12 hours.

Reason two: Lithium battery will automatically stop charging after overflowing, but has been placed on the charger, may appear discharge-charge cycle, battery charge and discharge maintenance circuit characteristics may change, the battery on the brink of danger.

B. How to charge in normal use

The question of how lithium batteries should be recharged in normal use divergent views, some small partners said "to use automatic shutdown, a little electricity is not left to recharge" but some small partners said "with the use of" on this issue, the first statement, and did not do so necessary, the bottom is why?

Reason one: lithium battery life is generally $number a charge cycle, assuming a complete discharge of the power provided for 1Q do not take into account after each cycle of electricity will be reduced, the lithium battery can provide 300q~500q power. If you charge at 1/2 each time, you can recharge it 600-1000 times, and if you charge at 1/3, you can charge it 900-1500 times. In short, the total can be added to the 300q-500q power is constant, therefore, lithium battery life and the total charge of the battery, but not the number of charges, deep discharge or shallow charge of lithium battery life is not too much impact.

Reason two: In fact, shallow charge for lithium is more beneficial, only in the product of the power module for lithium to do the calibration, there is a deep charge of the necessary. Therefore, the day-to-day use of the process, you can not adhere to the use of photoelectric recharge, can be used with charge, to facilitate the first.

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