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Select the main points of the mobile power

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The popularity of smartphones, the popularity of all-in-one design and the relative stagnation of battery technology have made mobile power a necessary accessory. However, how to choose the best style in a mobile power supply with different color shapes and battery capacity? Buy large size mobile power or Mini style?

The key word for mobile power is "move", which means you need to weigh its volume to define usability. Some of the tens of thousands of mah mobile power is often too large, although it can be a flat plate and other equipment, but the loss of mobility, they can be more suitable for camping, but not suitable for day-to-day carrying. Can meet the phone fully charged once (about 5000mAh or so), small size of the style will be a good choice for daily travel.

Battery capacity is the key

Battery capacity generally uses the "MAh" (ma time) to indicate that the number is naturally larger and better. Before you buy a mobile power source, you should also know the battery capacity of the device you are using, which can also approximate the performance of the mobile power supply. For example, Apple iphone 5s battery capacity of 1440mAh, a capacity of 5600mAh mobile power supply in theory can achieve about 3.8 times of charge.

But in fact, the mobile power itself is also using a self discharge characteristics of lithium battery material, coupled with the loss of the discharge, the basic theory can not realize the number of charges. For example, 5600mAh Mobile power, the iphone 5s can be recharged 2.5 times, is already very good performance.

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