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The wireless charger technique principle

- Dec 19, 2017 -

wireless charger magnetic resonance.jpg

Wireless charging technology is from wireless power transmission technology. It transfer charge using magnetic resonance of the air in the charger and the device, the coil and capacitor form the resonance between the charger and devices to achieve efficient transmission of electricity.

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Use the "resonance" principle of physics --- --- two objects with the same frequency can transfer energy efficiently

Electricity power in the cable is transmitted to an antenna made of copper

The antenna vibrates at 10 MHz to produce electromagnetic waves

The energy emitted by the antenna spread to 2 meters.

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Laptops, which also vibrate at 10 MHz, receive current energy into the device

The energy that is not converted to a laptop computer will not be reabsorbed by the antenna and will not be disturbed by humans and other objects that do not produce 10 MHz resonance

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