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What does Amazon do right?

- Dec 13, 2017 -

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Actually, Amazon did all the points referred in the last article.

First of all, Amazon did not avoid the trouble of hardware, make Echo for 4-5 years, so Amazon master a dominant position hard to surpass.

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Second Amazon separate Echo and Alexa when Echo is Initial success. Specific action is including complete SDK ( ASK & AVS) file & case, and set up Alexa Fund, actively search for strategic partners etc. One of the final result is so-called 7,000 skills. 7,000 skills is very shootable issue, completely enough to overwrite the technical and some of the disadvantages of the content.

Alexa Fund Google assistant.jpg

Third, Build a better experience with a dependable solution.  The dependable solution means at least the front-end keep equal to Amazon, the back-end  reflect semantic and content connectivity advantages. That make go-ahead in overall.

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