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Wireless Charging Industry will be explored

- Dec 20, 2017 -

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The experts claimed,  the related report from China industry internet showed, wireless charger market would increase to 1,400 billion in 2022 from 34 billion in 2016, permeability would increase to 60% from 7%.  The prediction shows until 2018, wireless charger market will increase by 50%.

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Apple new mobile using wireless charger technique is  the breakthrough and creative. It make the whole line new. But, no matter the new smart quicker charger or wireless charger. If the market can develop quickly is based on if the technique ecosystem , it is including main quick charger and wireless charger technique, and design, raw material supply, utensils manufacture and package dispensing solution.

Currently, the famous manufacture in China, such as Huawei, VIVO, Xiaomi are working with wireless charging solution, quick charger wireless industry chain is about to explore. And so many technique support enterprise is researching the wireless charger manufacture related technique bottleneck.

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So the seminar not only help the enterprise know the mobile quick charger development, speed up the source cooperation platform construction, and also make our quicker charger wireless charger market blueprint more clearly. So we can foresight, in the future, our wireless charger mass application will be possible.

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