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Common Misconceptions About Cell Phone Charging

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1, overcharge will cause battery explosion?

Rumor has it that phone calls can cause explosions when they charge. Experts say this argument is untenable, and if there is a real danger, the product will set the procedure for charging without access to the phone.

Positive solution: Lithium batteries will generally have a security circuit and a variety of safety devices, to ensure that the excessive charging and discharging and short-circuit the circuit automatically cut off the battery. Therefore, unless there is a quality problem, the battery will not explode because of a long time charge.

However, full power, not unplugged, will keep the battery full power, although it will not explode, but will speed up the loss of battery capacity. In addition, from a safety point of view, the battery on the charge should not cover anything, do not put on the bed, in order to avoid a fire.

2. How many times does the new battery need to be fully discharged?

Different battery products need different methods to recharge, be sure to use the product description. Early nickel-cadmium batteries and NiMH batteries require similar "activation". These batteries will produce "memory effect", in the state of incomplete discharge charging, easy to make the battery overcharge, long time will let the user feel the electricity quickly run out.

Positive solution: Most of the batteries used in mobile phones and laptops today are lithium-ion batteries. Its initialization process has been completed at manufacture time, so no activation is required to begin using.

3, reduce the number of charges can prolong battery life?

Lithium ion battery life can reach hundreds of times charge and discharge cycle, here the charge and discharge cycle refers to the power of the process after the use of light, rather than plug the charger and then unplug even if 1 times. Lithium battery has no memory effect, can be recharged at any time, in order to reduce the number of charges and deliberately will be filled after the battery is exhausted, and can not prolong battery life, but the battery life has a negative impact.

Positive solution: In fact, lithium battery charging pay attention to "less eat more meals", frequent shallow charge and discharge more helpful to prolong its life.

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