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Cortana And Alexa Can Talk To Each Other

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Cortana and Alexa can talk to each other.jpg

Software and Amazon became the friends from the enemies.

Joint announcement from Software and Amazon, they have achieved the voice assistant cooperation agreement. Software voice assistant Cortana and Amazon voice assistant will talk to each other in the coming future.


For example, the user can open Amazon Echo smart speaker, and say: “Alexa, open Cortana”. Of course, the user can open Windows 10 device, and say: “Cortana, open Aexa”.

By this cooperation, Alexa user can visit Cortana special function, such as booking the meeting, visiting working cylinder, buying the flower on you way home. 

Cortana And Alexa.jpg Of course, Cortana user can control the smart device at home via Alexa, shopping on Amazon website, and develop more than 20,000 skills interaction with the third party.

Cortana and Alexa can talk to each other.jpg.jpg Software CEO Satya Nadella says:Let our users use Cortana on different devices anytime anywhere is one of our important task.  The cooperation with  Amazon makes us move towards this goal 

Amazon founder & CEO Jeff Bezo:  The world is so big, so complicated, and it can accommodate several voice assistants. The products have different advantages. If combined, they will complement each other. So it will make the users have richer and more practical experience

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