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How To Change The Ordinary Speaker Into A Bluetooth Speaker?

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Remove the Bluetooth headset, cut off the small trumpet, peel the thread (two, red, yellow)

2. Another headphone mother (3 lines, red, yellow, green) is removed from elsewhere.

3. Insert the headphone jack from the headphone hole of the Bluetooth headset, and then turn the yellow of the Bluetooth headset and the headset's mouth yellow, the red and the mother of the headset, the green connection, the welding is good, or burn the switch paint, twist up, wrap it with a hot shrink tube

4. Then assemble, and then use the largest headphone sleeve to set up the headphone mother mouth, very compact, basically no glue fixed. Theoretically support all 3.5 plug headphones, stereo, the best use is to bring a microphone, you can directly answer the call, the compatibility of strong, no electricity can be direct USB charge, the only drawback is mono, no stereo.

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