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The Smart Epoch, Wireless charger Flourish

- Dec 19, 2017 -

quick charger and wireless charger.png

In the smart epoch, the mobile flourish, smart phone updated continuously, and become the “Quick consumer”. With iPhone8/8Plus and iPhone X promoting the wireless charger, a new wave of smart phone wireless charging booms.

quick charger.png

In the future, the wireless charger will be the new trendy in the world.

At present the wireless charger market is in short supply. The battery of mobile is Li-ion, recharging is the hardest problem of the smart phone..

wireless charger.jpg

To help more enterprise to know mobile quick charger and wireless charger latest develop, make more, and higher quality products, The second smart quick charger and wireless charger seminar was hold at Crowne Plaza on Dec. 15th . Many leader manufacture, and experts, engineers were present then.

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