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Smart Phone Wireless Charger, Will Be Explored At The Beginning Of The Year.

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Currently, Samsung, Apple smart mobile phone can support wireless charging. Besides Samsung, Apple, foreseeable, if Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi smart mobile manufacture will support  phone wireless charger or not will affect the cordless charger will be explored or not.

wireless charging.jpg

The latest news, when executives of IDT interviewed, he verified domestic smart phone manufacture new mobile released will bring the universal wireless charger wave, since then will officially open the wireless charging application of the rising channel. Perhaps this is the real arrival of the long-awaited industry development in the wireless charging industry.

iPhone X wireless charging.jpg

From Note5, Galaxy S6 Edge + S6, Samsung began to support wireless charging, basically high-end models are equipped already. Apple’s latest available iPhone8 / 8P / X also supports wireless charging. But it is not enough. According to the executives of IDT said, The first domestic echelon mobile phone manufacturers have been carrying out wireless charging design,


not only the forthcoming cell phone equipped with wireless charging, wireless pre-research of the next generation cell phones has also begun. At the same time, mid-level mobile phone manufacturers to import wireless charging initiative is also very high.
And, all the domestic big manufactures should use IDT wireless charging chipset.

Domestic mobile manufacturers have started to evaluate wireless charging last year, most of the actual project design started this year. The overall design of wireless charging more complex, including hardware, software, coils, cooling, etc., and certification, testing. IDT can provide a full range of solutions.

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