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Testing Methods For Sound System Commissioning And Audition

- Oct 13, 2017 -

A, accurate measurement of sound values

B, seek professional help

C, reasonable placement of the exact position of the speakers

The main points of sound audition

Medium-frequency roundness:

This section is dedicated to hearing if part of the human voice is contaminated by the speaker tones, which is an easy flaw in general speakers.

Low frequency/medium and low frequency disorders:

It is easier to hear that the usual sign is a sound buzzing or a floated sound.

The fullness of the low-frequency:

Whether the sound of a stringed instrument is abnormally sharp or dry or excessively sweet. Also listen to a few more discs to ensure that the poor sound quality is not caused by the record itself.

High frequency clear:

In most music there is little more than 13,000 khz, and if you do hear the sound of this frequency, it is only a flash, not a musical sound. Listen to each of these instant treble to see if it's dark, too sharp, and vague.

In short, the good speaker of the test should be: High frequency slender compliant, if full and bright, low frequency solid clean rich elasticity and a sense of full.

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