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The Right Way To Recharge Your Cell Phone

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1, the first charge does not need to be too long to recharge the first time does not need to fill 12 hours, this is the old-fashioned Ni-MH battery to guess the need to do, now the battery is lithium batteries or polymer lithium batteries, the first time only need to be the same as normal charge.

2, charge time 3-4 hours

Charging time can not be too long, full of can, long time will seriously affect battery life and the occurrence of dangerous.

3, can not completely run out of electricity

Completely using the power of the cell phone, has a serious impact on battery life.

4, it is best not to use universal charge

Universal charging flow is unstable and the quality is uneven, try to use the original charger.

Today, mobile phone light trend, hardware configuration rapid development, that is, the demand for power consumption is growing, and battery technology has been lagging behind, so, no matter how, the cell phone has been far from the battery to meet our daily needs, promote the mobile power industry, if we want to use mobile phone worry-free, Or for their own love machine to buy a suitable charging treasure bar. However, the current range of mobile power products, and security accidents often occur, so, but also for the security of mobile phones, or for our own personal safety, we must buy the normal manufacturers of products, do not buy cheap cottage goods and stalls. In addition, the big brand after-sales service and quality security more secure.

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