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The Temperature Is 40 Degrees, Solar System What Is The State Of Work?

- Oct 13, 2017 -

A. PV System Components

Inverter surface

Inverter Radiator

Main AC Switch


Component surface

Component Backplane

Roofing with Component occlusion

B. Electrical properties

The power station is 5.12kWp and installs 255Wp polycrystalline components.

Peak power of 3.62kW,

Full-day output of 27.5 degrees, equivalent peak hour 5.37h.

Through the meteorological station data, the highest irradiation appeared in 11.05 and the intensity of solar radiation was 900w/m2.

At this point the assembly temperature is about 63 degrees.

The peak power temperature coefficient of the component is 0.42, so the peak power is at this time the maximum power loss is about 16%.

Low-voltage side grid-connected electrical efficiency is about 85%, so the output AC power should be 5120*85%* (1-16%) =3655w.

Check the AC side power at the moment, which happens to be 3.62kW, in line with design expectations.


1, the installation of solar energy system can effectively improve the roof insulation, temperature difference reached 20 degrees

2, even in good weather in the summer, the solar system output maximum power of about 70% of the nominal component power.

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