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Water Photovoltaic Main Equipment Recommended Components And Inverters

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Dual-glass components stand out on the water Photovoltaic project of the special environment for its photovoltaic modules have strict requirements, and the use of glass materials made of dual-glass components by virtue of its resistance to damp, anti-PID characteristics, has become the best choice for water photovoltaic. The power attenuation of the double glass component is much less than that of the common component in the test project of the IEC and PID. The traditional components of the back plate are organic composite materials, susceptible to natural environment factors erosion, and the double glass component back plate uses strengthens the glass, the light irradiation also will not produce the yellow change, and the glass itself hardness is high, is not easy to be affected by the sand's abrasion, also will not be acid, the alkali, the salt, the mist, the water vapor and so on factor erosion, basically nearly 0 Anti-PID, corrosion-resistant These features make the dual-glass components more specific to the surface PV, in the competition with the traditional components stand out.

The inverter mainly looks waterproof grade should adopt IP65 protection grade. For the complexity of water conditions, it is recommended to adopt a higher IP67 protection grade.

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