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What To Do If The Mobile Power Is Flooded

- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. First confirm whether it is short circuit and burn, do not use the method of charging it, also cannot use it to charge the handset the method, but wants the eye to see the nose to smell, looks inside whether smokes, or the appearance has because of the high temperature and the distortion place, uses the nose to smell to have the charred taste, if has any above phenomenon, explained that the charge treasure burnt out, Don't use it.

2. If there is no such phenomenon, the charging treasure may not burn, put it in a ventilated dry place, such as a balcony, let it slowly shade (about two or three days), or use the low heat of the hair dryer to blow the charging port and discharge port of the charge treasure, then put it on the balcony to let it continue to shade (about 1 days).

3. Finally, find an unimportant cell phone, try to charge the cell phone, if it can be recharged, until the inside of all the electricity, and then charge the charge, but the first to pay attention to safety, if there is a bad taste quickly unplug the charge head, cut off the power, continue to put on the balcony shade.

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